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Our environmental and geology services are provided to a variety of clients on properties throughout the Pacific Northwest.   Our projects typically involve an evaluation of a site for geology and enviornmental concerns prior to purchase or development of a site.  We help our clients determine the potential liability associated with a site and provide solutions to any problems that may arise.

We have conducted environmental site assessments on properties such as:

*Wood treatment facilities

*Powder coating facilities

*Automotive repair sites 

*Dry cleaners

*Gasoline stations

*Silver recyclers 

*Dairy farms

*Trucking operations


*Stained glass manufacturers

*Shooting ranges

*Boat yards

   Our geology assessments include evaluations of potential geologic hazards associated with purchase and development of a site  such as:

*Shoreline stability

*Rockfall hazards

*River channel migration and erosion hazards

*Steep slope / landslide hazards

*Debris flow and flood hazards

*Drainage and Stormwater problems

Our geology work also include the following types of evaluations:  

*Gravel pit assessment for gravel quantity, quality, marketability

*Mineral resource evaluation

*Home or structure, access road, and trail location suitability

*Storm water and drainage plans