Dan McShane is the President and senior geologist at Stratum Group and manages Stratum Group’s geologic and environmental projects. Dan is a licensed engineering geologist with a M.Sc. degree in geology from Western Washington University and has over 25 years of geologic and environmental consulting experience.

Dan has  conducted hundreds of slope stability assessments in Washington State as well as hundreds of landslide, erosion, channel migration, alluvial fan, soil liquefaction and mine subsidence hazards.Dan has been the geology lead on the development of updated best available science reports for county, city and State policy projects and has updated geology hazard regulations for several cities and counties in Washington State. He recently served as an expert witness for plaintiffs in the Oso landslide case that was settled prior to going to trial.

Dan has also completed approximately 300 phase I environmental site assessments and transaction screens over the past 10 years and is a certified site assessor for underground storage tank removals. Dan has extensive subsurface soil and ground water investigation and cleanup experience ranging from small-scale projects to multi-million dollar Superfund sites. Dan has completed over 25 environmental clean ups on contaminated sites that resulted in a “No Further Action” letters from the Department of Ecology.

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Kim Ninnemann is a licensed geologist at Stratum Group.  Kim has B.Sc. degree in geology from Western Washington University and has 20 years of environmental consulting experience.  She has visited hundreds of sites to conduct environmental due diligence and risk assessments, overseen numerous sampling and cleanup projects, and has received many “no further action” determinations from Ecology. Kim became a partner at Stratum Group in 2005. Kim is a Washington State Lead Risk Assessor and a certified site assessor for underground storage tank removals.

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Geoff Malick is an associate geologist at Stratum Group. Geoff is a relatively new addition to the Stratum Group team but has already completed over 50 geologic hazard assessments throughout NW Washington and the Puget Sound region. He has also completed a critical areas code rewrite for the City of Duvall, produced landslide and erosion hazard maps, aided in a forest practice application review, and completed Phase I environmental site assessments.

His recent master’s studies focused on geomorphology and engineering geology as related to landslides and slope stability. His graduate coursework in applied geology and master’s thesis on a large bedrock landslide complex in Whatcom County allow him to bring new perspectives to our geology team. His undergraduate project focused on the helping decipher the glacial record of Maine, in which he mapped and characterized features and geologic units very similar to those found in NW Washington.

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